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Let me be your gateway, from The City on the Edge of Forever

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    1. Chekhov
      Hey there! Glad you took an interest in my reading. To answer your question, I felt similarly about Stranger in a Strange Land. It is indeed a classic, but only for its influence, not its vision. The book feels very dated (technology from the 1950s, social mores from the 60s) and I felt the characters were mostly unlikable Mary Sues. It is also overly long and should have been pared down more; apparently there is an unedited version which runs over 500 pages (!).

      I haven't finish The Man in the High Castle yet (I'm on chapter 15, I believe) and I'm enjoying it greatly so far. I don't read much alternative history, which is how I would classify it, but I like when books of this genre are well-written, and it is. The closest thing I can compare it to is Nineteen Eighty-Four, but it's not quite the same as that either; the tone is dark but somehow more hopeful. I will be able to tell you more when I complete it, which should be tomorrow or so.

    2. spiralguru3d
      Hi Chekhov,

      I see that you recently finished Stranger in a Strange Land and are now reading The Man in the High Castle.

      I'm interested to hear your thoughts on both these books.

      When I read SiaSL I found it to have dated greatly over the years since it was written. I got the impression it would have been received well in the time it was written when alternative lifestyles and spirituality were becoming popular. I thought it did a good job of casting some areas of society and modes of accepted behaviour into a new light, but many of its assertions were false and invalid when read forty years after it was written. Some 'greats' age well; I don't think SiaSL does. What do you think? Also, very slow moving, don't you think?

      I have one chapter remaining in the The Man in the High Castle. It is my first book by P.K Dick. I have to admit, if somebody asked me what the book was about, I wouldn't have a concise answer for them. How are you finding it? Are you enjoying it?
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