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Apr 27, 2015 at 3:56 AM
    1. JangoLee
      Happy Birth-Day.
    2. Dave00pi
    3. noori noori
    4. EhrhardtE
      And then what does this forum subject mean:
      "Other Media (TV/Film, Comics & Games) (3 Viewing)
      Seen any good movies lately? Bought any good DVDs? Games? What are you watching on TV? Discuss your favourite SF and Fantasy games, TV series and movies here."
      I can't discuss my browsergame in here? But other games CAN get some attention for whatever reason? If someone talks about some scifi game, I doubt it's considered to be an advertisment but it will most likely have a positive impact on the game itself.

      Again, I was asking for help, and not to promote anything. Read my post again.

      Also, deleting my post without any notice whatsoever is beyond rude.
    5. EhrhardtE
      Ok, explain, how is this not okay? I am not providing a service, I am not asking for money, I am not trying to gain anything financially. If this is not okay, you might as well remove book reviews, links to pages or games people play and movies altogether. I am merely asking the help from a few individuals who might be interested to join me to create a fantasy/scifi world of our own. This is absolutely ridiculous, no offense here but you might want to look over the posting rules of this forum... Thanks for getting me my post back, I will surely post it somewhere else where people can recognize a "plug" from a post about an interesting future to be browser game.
    6. EhrhardtE
      But I wasn't SELLING anything! I was asking for some help with a project of mine which is heavily Science Fiction related. I understand you haven't read my post seeing your explanation. In any case, can I have the text of the post I made? I was really satisfued with the way it turned out, and it took me a long time to write it to make sure it was okay to use with this board. This experience has not made a good impact on me, and I will be leaving this forum after I get my text. I hope you understand. Thanks in advance.
    7. KJohnson
      Yes, but how am I supposed to generate an audience when people don't know about my book? I am having trouble generating reviews and I don't have the means of implementing a larger campaign on my own.

      Also, my post wasn't spam. I posted once and only once. I read on another admin's wall that a person had their post removed when they were simply looking for feedback on their cover art.

      I believe my thread should not have been removed because I am looking for people to ask questions about my novel and my series (which the second book is in production). By having a place where interested persons can ask questions and I can provide answers, I can learn more about what people are looking for, and where I can improve my writing.
    8. Loerwyn
      Happy birthday, Erf!
    9. MikewingMH
      oh, sorry, mate.
    10. TraveleroEritum
      Where are the rules posted. The one that you listed was not in the initial segment that I read when I registered for membership.
    11. blakeums21
      Hello, I'm new to the genre and I just found SFF's book club. I had a quick question and I didn't want to look like a fool. So January's book is Lev Grossmans's the Magicians, so I get a month to read it then starting in February we get a new book and we can start comenting on the last book?
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