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Sep 1, 2009
Jun 11, 2005
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ebony falls

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Sep 1, 2009
    1. Scorpion
      Hellooo ... you still around sometimes?
    2. NilsDesperandum
      Thanks. Be sure to enter the next comp!
    3. NilsDesperandum
      Yeah. Must get round to all those stories.
    4. NilsDesperandum
      Sorry. Wasn't around to offer any advice, but you seem to have done a pretty good job of it.
    5. Mistress Maerad
      Mistress Maerad
      haha, thanx. :) can't wait to see how the contest turns out!
    6. Mistress Maerad
      Mistress Maerad
      I just want to thank you for even giving me the option of submitting my entry. You're awesome!!! :D

    7. NilsDesperandum
      Yeah, you're right. We'll definately need to put our thinking caps on for this one. But I definately think it allows for plenty of scope and that as a result there should be plenty of variety amongst the entries again.

      Best of luck with yours too.

      And yes, I am now counting the days!
    8. NilsDesperandum
      Yeah, looking forward to it. Booked a Cornish cottage for some R&R in a week's time so will probably do it there. Plus I need to catch up on other writing so hopefully it will be nice and peaceful and I'll get something accomplished (if I don't end up in too many quaint little pubs that is!)
    9. NilsDesperandum
      No problem. I did genuinely like it you know! ;)

      I thought that you conveyed something which is very difficult to do: a sense of reality; that the situation being described could very likely be happening somewhere right now. For me, that's why it worked.

      And, now that we've got this mutual appreciation society going :D, thanks for your comments about my own piece. I must admit to being slightly surprised that I didn't garner a single vote :eek: but it didn't bother me none, honest. I think the sheer amount of submissions had something to do with it. Still think it's a shame that we don't get more visiting voters though.


    10. Bridie
      HEyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Helen! where have you been you crazy girl! How are you?
    11. Mistress Maerad
      Mistress Maerad
      thanx for the nice comment you made about my flash fiction contest entry! :)
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