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    1. Lucas Thorn
      Lucas Thorn
      hi, guy, i'd recommend as definitely feeding to the gory/violence. that aside, i think you'd want to look into heroic fantasy. unfortunately, violence went out of fashion from the mid-80s, but if you're prepared to look through secondhand bookstores, i recommend these few authors as a nice start:
      john jakes' brak the barbarian
      howard's conan if you haven't
      fritz leiber's faffhrd and the gray mouser series
      moorcock's obligatory elric series
      just to start
      from there, really go through a good secondhand store. you'll be surprised how many great violent heroic fantasy books were written. some never made it into full series, which is why it's hard to give you a good solid list of authors, but if you'd like a nice list of them, let me know.

      i'm a bit of a fan of violence in fantasy. i miss the days of heroes wandering around thwacking things with swords. :P
    2. Tim Marquitz
      Tim Marquitz
      Hi there. I saw your post about gory fantasy novels, and while I didn't want to jump in publicly, I might have what you're looking for. My dark fantasy eBook, Dawn of War, can be picked up for free at Amazon, B&N, and elsewhere. If you find you like it, just PM me and I'll happily provide you with the other two books in the trilogy for free, as well. No worries if you're not interested. Thanks. :)
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