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Nov 1, 2014
Aug 12, 2006
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Joe Abercrombie

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Nov 1, 2014
    1. Riothamus
      Perhaps I have some sort of inferiority complex when it comes to better known authors and published authors and assume they would not concern themselves with us so much, but are you just some guy using the name or are you who you claim to be?
    2. M. R. Mathias
      M. R. Mathias
      Hi, Joe. If you read one of my novels, I'll read one yours... :-)
    3. I Brian
      I Brian
      Very much enjoyer Best Served Cold - just about to start The Heroes. :)
    4. Bridie
      Joe I keep seeing you walk past the shop I work in in Bath. I thought you should know that this makes my day. Maybe even my weekend. Also this does not count as stalking, as I'm stuck inside a shop.
    5. Violent Emesis
      Violent Emesis
      Why isn't any of your work in the public library? I can not find you at Bookmans, Barnes and Nobles, or even the local used book stores.
    6. Loerwyn
      Hey Joe, just thought you might like to know that I saw your latest in Waterstones' Valentines display. Seemed a bit silly :p
    7. Whitleyrr
      Thank you. Thank you for reinstating my belief in amazing fantasy and for recommending others on your site who are doing the same.
    8. Tnexus
      Hey Joe, just wanna say that I'm absolutely devouring your books! I'm about to (sadly) finish up Best Served Cold tonight after a few long days of binge reading. You're the best thing that's happened to this genre since Tolkien. Can't wait for your next masterpiece!
    9. Andols
      Joe will you sign my copies of your work if I ship them to and fro?
    10. sal
      Hello! Wow the first time i'm writing to a famous person.Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your books,it was one of the most REAL fantasy books i have read for a long time.And your way better than brent weeks infact i don't think it's right to put him in the same league as you.
      Hope you have a good day and look forward to your next book.
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