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    1. KatG
      Given your situation, we understand and appreciate your cooperation. We are figuring out how we're going to proceed from here on that thread as it seems to have been a hard subject for many. It remains closed for now.
    2. kshRox
      Thanks for stepping in KatG.
      I'm sorry for letting things get personal.
      It is one thing to acknowledge hurt done to some, but interesting to belittle the hurt done to others.

      Anyway, I apologize for my lack of maturity.
    3. KatG
      Hey, yes, I am usually on the boards or people PM me as a moderator. Because I moderate here, I don't really get to many other discussion boards, so I'm not the best person to ask. I think they have a fairly active forum at westeros.org, which is the George Martin fan forums but they don't just talk about Martin's work there. I also like SFSignal, which is a news blog, not a forum, but they have articles or debates on which you can comment.
    4. Lord Pendragon
      Lord Pendragon
      Hello KatG,

      I have noticed that this messageboard is not as active as I might have hoped. Given your reply to my post recently, I am guessing that you enjoy discussing fantasy a great deal as well, and was wondering if you might be able to direct me to any other sites for fantasy discussion to supplement this one. :)
    5. KatG
      Yeah, I can do that, Akshhat. Your job as stakeholder in Bookplex is to make sure SFF fans review the SFF books. :) Just kidding.
    6. akshhat

      i had started the thread Bookplex or Bookrooster. Well that thread has become really informative now and several people including you have added a lot of information. It is pretty evident that a lot of hard work has been put into your replies.

      However, i have now picked up an equity stake in The Bookplex so i am now a part owner and hence it will be wrong on my part to promote such a thread in which i have said something negative about my competitor.

      So i wish to delete that thread but i just cannot see the hard work by worth members of this forum go down the drain. So is it possible to assign the thread a general name such as "Paid Reviews" or something like this and my 2 posts can get deleted please?
    7. KatG
      I'm not sure my prediction rate is that good for that moniker. How about Blathering Lecturer instead?
    8. A. Lynn
      A. Lynn
      I've got it Kat! Your nickname is now The Oracle :) (no relation to the sue-happy IT fanatics)
    9. KatG
      Yes, I know, I have 2-3 of you waiting on that. :) I'm going to try to get to all of them over the weekend; hang in there.
    10. JT Billow
      JT Billow
      Hey Kat. I know that you are normally busy, but I posted another draft of the synopsis on the thread and was wondering is you could check it out. Thanks.
    11. KatG
      Sorry I missed this one, kiddo -- PM's usually work better to get me. Send it to RobB and he'll figure out where best to put it.
    12. Loerwyn
      Hey, Kat. Quick question - Written a simple guide to quoting and posting images/links. Should I chuck it in Gen. Discussion or the more "technical" sffworld comments, etc. sub-forum? Thanks!
    13. ishtfan
      Happy Halloween KatG,
      I got this quick Halloween/Sci-fi Animation you should check out.
      It's called the Isht Gang Show, and they were killed as they were finishing
      work on a subliminal mind control machine. Check it out you'll like it!
      Here is the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmJdOC62wj0
      or type in 'isht gang' at youtube.

      Cheers Happy Halloween
    14. The Lord of all Things Inane
      The Lord of all Things Inane
      Have a good All Hallows Eve, and may your harvest be bountiful.
    15. aiasminor
      Ok you didnt recommend that last one but i know you recommended this one 'Day of the Triffids'. It sounded like a good book but i couldnt get past the first couple of pages. Mostly because of the way it was written. I'm sorry. But i think they are coming out with a movie so i might read it if the movie inspires me. Thanks anyway. I will try the other book you recommended.
    16. KatG
      Well you're welcome, but I don't think I was the one who recommended it. Did I? I've never read them, myself.
    17. aiasminor
      Thanks for the book suggestion kat. I love 'The Lost Fleet'. I never heard of it before and i never would have came acrossed it.
    18. KatG
      Okay, troops, again, I rarely check my CP page and so I may miss messages posted here, as I did these two. (Plus I was away.) An Instant Message is a better way to reach me. (Although again, I was away.)

      So Laer, the Writing forum allows discussions of screenwriting as well as narrative fiction. But the gang we have for discussion has less knowledge of screenwriting.

      TX, I'm hoping that you got another moderator to help you, but if not, let me know and we'll fix whatever it is. :)
    19. txshusker
    20. Laer Carroll
      Laer Carroll
      In the Story development for tv and film thread (http://www.sffworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27628), should the sentence read

      "I don't think Andols has to leave the forum because the forum DOES NOT include film/t.v. writing."

      Or does the thread in fact include screen as well as fiction writing?
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