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Common sense ain't common, from Canada

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May 7, 2011
    1. kiaga89
      Fallen off the face of the earth, I see? ;)
    2. Echowindsong
    3. Echowindsong
      AHHH!!!!!! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!!!!!!!!
    4. Eduardo206
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    5. Echowindsong
      the music is beautiful! thanks for the links.
    6. Echowindsong
      sorry, my dad is being evil and won't let me go on youtube. :(
    7. Echowindsong
      Where exactly is the second part?
      (like where in the trailer?)
    8. Echowindsong
      Caspian has a British accent now too.
      Was Eustace's acting that bad? and i didn't really notice the music.
    9. The Singer
      The Singer
      My pleasure :)
    10. Echowindsong
      I was rewatching the VotDT trailer just for the heck of it... and WHY does LUCY have SUSAN'S bow and arrows and why does EDMUND have PETER'S sword? (and for that matter, why is it glowing? i don't recall there being any orcs in the book... :P) But it made me mad... maybe I'm just obsessive. I'm starting to lose faith in Michael Apted...
    11. Echowindsong
      I don't think it's the last one... but I don't know. I like Alyss! I like her better than Cassandra. And I don't know if I'm wierd or anything, but I liked Evanlyn but not Cassandra. And they're the same person! Grr. I don't like how Cassandra keeps trying to hook up with Will.

      In the book, Ed and Lu were younger. but the movies might be messing with their ages (again... grr.) they're so old! they make me feel old, especially when you watch the first one then watch the VotDT trailer.
    12. Echowindsong
    13. Echowindsong
      Relationships? What? Did I miss something?
      Yes, I am a HUGE ranger's apprentice fan. The 9th book comes out on october 5 in america, and i'm soo excited!
    14. Echowindsong
      I can check... brb.
      got it!
      "Peter had a glimpse of a... boy about his own age." © 1951 C.S. Lewis Pte. Ltd.
      (i don't want to get sued...) They're talking about Caspian, there.
      You're right about translating the humour, though. I'm just hoping Michael Apted does a better job on VotDT than Andrew Adamson did in PC. And Andrew did such a good job on the first one... It's hard to believe that it's the same director/screenwriter.

      Down with Suspian! :mad:
      funny narnia siggies here!
    15. Echowindsong
      I thought Caspian was Peter's age? I don't think the girls even met Caspian until the very, very, end, though. They were off with Aslan while Peter was fighting Miraz. I didn't think Edmund was that screwed up, though. He was different from the book, yes, but not necessarily in a bad way. They did have to change from the book (because otherwise it'd be really boring) but they screwed it up instead of improving it. *cough what were they thinking Caspian and Susan? cough*
    16. Echowindsong
      I love Twelfth Night! That one's my favorite out of all the Shakespeare plays, I think.
      Reepeecheep was cool, but I didn't really like the destroyal of Peter's character... :mad: That bit made me angry. In the book, Caspian and Peter were practically best buddies, and in the movie they screwed that up so bad. The castle raid was okay, I guess.
    17. Echowindsong
      i like your (drat i just forgot what its called) little phrase-thingy under your name. shakespeare rules.
    18. Echowindsong
      the cgi did stink on aslan. and im not too confident either (espically after PC turned out) but im still a die-hard pevensie so im going to see it when it comes out.
      at the very least, i can mock it if it stinks.
      but im more likely to cry if it sucks really bad.
    19. Echowindsong
      yay, you're on!
    20. Echowindsong
      so, what's up? i just missed you... :(
      I'm happy because there are only 136 days until The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie!!! Can't wait! although my favorite character (peter) isn't going to be there... he isn't in the book anyway. i've heard rumors he might be in a cameo... and BTW, im not one of those crazy fangirls who likes peter because of his looks. my cousins and i became the pevensies, (there are 3 girls and 1 boy) and im the tallest so im peter. which i guess means him being my favorite character means im biased. but oh well.
      thanks for reading my narnia rant! tune in next time to hear...
      "why prince caspian is a doofus."

      and if you have no idea what im talking about that's cool too. :D
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