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Jul 12, 2011
    1. N. E. White
      N. E. White
      Welcome, Majanka!

      I'm glad you have joined and I'm excited for your upcoming publications. However, we don't allow new members to join simply to promote their own work. This is a form of free advertisement. You'll notice the banners on our various pages, often advertising a new book. These are paid advertisements by publishers and the revenue from these advertisements helps to pay for the cost of running this Web site. So it really isn't fair for somebody to come here and plug away for something (albeit less flashy than a banner ad) others have to pay for.

      I will remove the links in your posts. Remember, you can link your username to your website or blog, and if folks are interested in your work, I'm sure they will click through.

      Again, welcome! I look forward to your participation.
      tmso (moderator)
    2. MrBF1V3
      Yeah, welcome aboard. You will probably hear this elsewhere, just be careful of looking too much like you're spamming. Of course you can use a small copy of your favorite book cover as your user picture, and make sure links to your book's website are in this area, in the profile.
      Otherwise, interact, give advice, read stuff from other people and even join the FF contest.

      Good luck.
    3. Violent Emesis
      Violent Emesis
      Welcome to sffworld!!
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