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Sep 26, 2014
    1. Hobbit
      Hi Pete. Think I've addressed this in the usual thread. Please let me know if you haven't got my email....
    2. Matt Molgaard
      Matt Molgaard
      appreciate the heads up brother - Ill try to stick with the rules!
    3. AkashaWinters
      Hi there,
      I wonder if you can point me towards information about deleting my account. I can't seem to find a link.
    4. OLAGUMA
      I have read the link you posted, but I havenĀ“t seen any reasons why my post got moderated and link removed.
      I see many posts linking to resources outside of the community, why are those ok and my link to a useful on-topic review not? I have been a multiple forum member, where I never spammed, broke any rules,etc... I just need some pointers please.
    5. MosesSiregarIII
      Hi Peter, is this the only messaging system? I can't figure out how to send a PM.

      Anyway, thanks for your message. If you can send me anything about your advertising rates, I'll certainly take a look.
    6. Seak
      I don't know how they haven't caught you already. :D
    7. Seak
      Congrats and well chosen!
    8. owlcroft
      Thank you most kindly.

      I always feel very bad when I give a book or author a poor review after I have been given a copy of a book. I grasp intellectually that the senders--sometimes the publisher, too often the author--know, or should know, that that is a possibility, but I still feel as if I have spat on an offered handshake. For many years now, I have had a policy of declining books offered to me because of that (and because most of the books one is offered are, sad to say, thus offered for a reason). This one was part of a program LibraryThing has, where you can pick and choose from a monthly list which ones you might want, and they have a lottery; I felt that that wasn't the same thing as being directly offered the book, but I still feel as bad about it.
    9. Winter
      Don't mind at all. Thank you. :)
    10. johnkarr
      Hey Peter, thanks for the friend invite. You've got some cool blogs. Would you care to review Rhone? I'd be glad send one your way ...
    11. Supersturg
      Hey get this. I wrote, hobbit, the admin. about rob b being sarcastic and rude to me. Guess what he said, "it annoys people when you write a post thats already be written." And, I should get to know rob b first before I think he is being rude to me. Guess being a christian here doesn't win me any points.
    12. Snikt5
      Hi Peter,

      I hope things have settled down for you and the family is well? How is the writing going?
    13. Snikt5
      Hi Peter,

      Only just noticed that you messaged me over a month a go!!! Thank you for the kind message, marriage is going well thanks as is the writing. As for our boy, he is teething, so after months of being blessed with a happy smiley boy, we have now got a smiley but grizzly baby (that makes him sound like a bear). I hope it is all going well with you?

      Kind regards

    14. Colin Taber
      Colin Taber
      Hi Peter.

      Yes, I am that Colin.

      Of course I've seen your review of Ossard. Your opinions are yours to put out there.

      Sorry it has taken so long to respond to you. I've not made it back here as often as I planned.

      Had any good reads of late? Mine, of this last year, are Name of The Wind, The Blade Itself, and the Crown Conspiracy (Michael Sullivan).

      I don't get much time to read, and in truth, am only getting through a book every fortnight or such during a reasonably short commute.
    15. ...
      I just noticed you have a blog. I have to say its very enjoyable and its now bookmarked.
    16. Eldanuumea
      If ever you feel inclined to share a bit of your spiritual journey, I would love to hear it.
    17. JMlovesHP
      Welcome and I hope you enjoy the books!!
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