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Apr 25, 2015 at 4:09 PM
May 17, 2000
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Nov 7, 1974 (Age: 40)
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Near Cows in the Garden State

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Rob B

\m/ BEER \m/, 40, from Near Cows in the Garden State

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Apr 25, 2015 at 4:09 PM
    1. intensityxx
      Hi Rob! Good to see so many old-timers still here.
    2. Wayne Batson
      Wayne Batson
      Hey, Rob
      I just got a hold of some Night Owl Pumpkin Ale by Elysian Brew Co. Definitely good stuff. I also got a Pumpkin Stout by Fisherman's but it wasn't too tasty. Any new discoveries on your end?
    3. 2znr
      sorry to disturb you, but in the "reading in july 2012" thread you mentioned the book :"The Troupe" can you give me the name of the author please ?

      Thank and sorry again :)
    4. Chocobo
      Hey sorry about posting my own thread, il use the recommendation threads you suggested from now on.
    5. Triple F
      Triple F
      I'm going blind, I spent a while checking if such an area existed. Couldn't find it, obviously. Sorry for posting in the wrong place. Twice. ; )
    6. Sigil
      Hi, Rob. Is it against forum regulations to post the publication date of my next sci-fi book in the upcoming releases space?
    7. Eldanuumea
      Rob, what is Barkley's username (The Raven author)? There is a young man at work who is a graphic designer and avid sci-fi/fantasy fan, and I am trying to get him connected him into the forum through particular interests of his. Thanks, Edea (Elda)
    8. suitbar33
      Sir, the original text was written in Chinese. All i did was just simply translating it to let Western people have a sense of what is like in the world of chinese sci-fi development. How is that violating his copyright? In addition, i have no access of making contact with him in order to get his permission since my intention was just trying to improve my English a little bit by translating his work.
      Thanks for your time.
    9. noori noori
      noori noori
      Thx for Befriending me Rob B _ u have so-many posts, amazing. a serious SF-er. goodluck in what u do, noori
    10. WilliamRenehan
      Oh ok-- sorry about that. Wont happen again. Thank you for moving it to the news section. Appreciate it.
    11. noori noori
      noori noori
      hi Rob B, greetings
    12. KJohnson
      Also, I don't see anything wrong with a FIRST post being an intro to my work. Pardon me for trying to find an audience.
    13. KJohnson
      Please restore my post. The guidelines were not included in the rules when I signed up.
    14. Loerwyn
      Thought you might like to know that I've sold my Parasol Protectorate books ;) You were right, and I'm happily plodding through Canavan's The Novice now.
    15. Hereford Eye
      Hereford Eye
      Hey, Rob, have you come across Simon Morden's Evolutions of Life? Just read it; it's very good!
    16. M. R. Mathias
      M. R. Mathias
      You should have waited for my response. I'll not go through it again, but when you check sales numbers dont look at the paperback's. Allways look at the Kindle version, because that is the reflection of the modern reading world. Anyway. Why take down the cover querie thread? It was in the bounds of the rules, as is the one thats up now. It had 1300 hits... lol Seems like you are not in tune with what the people here like to look at. 1300 of them wanted to see my previous new cover. I wasn't shoving anything then though. I was providing content for your users.

      Thats what they come for is content. When you are done being a censor Nazi talk with me. I have suggestions that will benifit this site...
    17. JustaStaffer
      Totally understand Rob, my apologies. I'll make sure to not do it in the future.
    18. Wassup_Dawg
      Hi Rob, I'm the other one guilty of starting a thread requesting reccomendations. Just thought i'd apologise about that. It didn't occur to me how many of these type of threads the regulars on here probably see, which must be annoying and also clog up the forum. Sorry about that - i'll remember to be less lazy and use the search function more in future.
      Best regards,
    19. atticus
      hey rob sorry bout posting what seems like an redundant query..but my problem is i have gone through most of the recommendation threads and found that all they discussed were the authors who are well known and argue about who's better..i have been an avid fantasy reader for last 6 years and visitor to this forum for a couple of years its only now that i have posted as i have run out of books to read..
      i apologize if i have violated any of the forum rules but let me assure you i did not put that query frivolously.
      Thanks and Regards
    20. Loerwyn
      Sorry for trying to do your listy thing in that George topic :p
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    Nov 7, 1974 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    Near Cows in the Garden State
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