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Read interesting books, from Ada, MI, USA

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Apr 8, 2015
    1. ishtfan
      Happy Halloween Suciul,
      I got this quick Halloween/Sci-fi Animation you should check out.
      It's called the Isht Gang Show, and they were killed as they were finishing
      work on a subliminal mind control machine. Check it out you'll like it!
      Here is the link...
      or type in 'isht gang' at youtube.

      Cheers Happy Halloween
    2. NickeeCoco
      Ok. So I tried to send another PM to you, but it wouldn't let me and now there's no option for me to send another. So, visitor message it is.

      I think I'll go on thursday and buy Firethorn and its sequel. I had originally got it from the library, but I believe I owe them a ridiculous amount of money due to forgetting to return three books before I went off to school in Ireland for four months. Whoops. I think it'd be cheaper to just buy the books. I don't mind purchasing the book, because I did enjoy the narration.

      I just want to know if Firethorn is really a noble. I mean, if its in keeping with the medieval feeling, anyone who breeds horses (like Firethorn's father), would have money and most likely a title of some sort.
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    After living 21 years in one of the worst hellholes on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, I managed to come to the US in 1990 and has been living here since