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Mar 10, 2012
Apr 1, 2011
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I Beg on Street Corners.

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Violent Emesis

Educated Beast, from Haelspine

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Mar 10, 2012
    1. Zentron
      I guess.... though if someone wants to use something of mine, they just have to ask!
      I've actually just posted a few pieces I've done in my old art thread, something I haven't done for so long!
    2. Zentron
      Thanks, I can't remember eaxctly why I have not been here for well over two years, but I do remember my HDD died that year and can only think of that being the reason.

      Though thanks to some art theft recently, I came across one of my old pics with a link back to here, recognised the name and followed it.... talk about good coming from the bad!
    3. Wilson Geiger
      Wilson Geiger
      Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it!
    4. Pennarin
      What is a Cube Farmer, you ask? An employee working a mind-numbing job sitting all day within a neurosis-inducing cubicle.
    5. JT Billow
      JT Billow
      Thanks a bunch...It's what I believe in
    6. CrastersBabies
      Hey there! Thanks for the friend invite. Nice to meet you. :)
    7. Teresa Edgerton
      Teresa Edgerton
      Well, it was OK. Not great, but the cake was good.
    8. Teresa Edgerton
    9. n0ak
      Just saw your note. A bit late in reply, but thanks!
    10. Techno Hammer
      Techno Hammer
      Thanks, I think there is room for everyone to have fun and express themselves.
    11. Montagne
      Hello! Like this place... sound folks and good convo. Think I found a new hang-out...

      Nice to be here :D
    12. RedMage
      The Hunt has been put on hold for the moment. I'm going on vacation across the country at the end of this week and I've had a good number of last minute details pop up. I'm hoping to work on the synopsis for the story and the whole series while on the plane. However, since beginning the Hunt I've remembered that I actually want to write a number of storylines in the world I'm creating. So, while I still want to publish the first one, I don't think I can sell it as anything more than just it. I'll need to make it all into its own collection somewhere long down the road. 20 years or so should do it, I think. Lol! The novel (1st draft one) is at a slow moment but I did fix a problem this last week right before where I've paused for the moment. So that's nice :) How is your writing coming along? Remind me, what's your story about again? I'm sure you've told me somewhere but, at the moment, I just can't remember. (I've been having memory problems lately, can't you tell? :P)
    13. Wojciehowicz
    14. HellsGuardian
      Aye, no worries man. It's nice to have friends no?
    15. Agassizii
      Thanks for the welcome! Greatly appreciated! I'm glad you like my location :)
    16. Violent Emesis
      Violent Emesis
      READ SPIRIT THORN. Go to Window Bar(a member here, AKA Zacharias O'Bryan) and he will let you know how to get his book. It is a good book. I will not spoil the story for you, but there is this one part, okay, an Elfy kinda Chick is messing around with a big, magic, bloodthirsty Thorn and...... oh poopy! I was fixin' ta give some stuff away! No spoilers. Check it out. An excellent read!
    17. Thelmarie
      Thanks! What's that you s-- OOF *trips over first step*
    18. RedMage
      As for stories, I should probably begin by saying that I don't have anything published. Haven't even tried because I know I need to grow and become better before I'll have a chance.
      Currently, I've written a single, 800 page trilogy, working on a second, unrelated series that I'm halfway through Book 2, and I've written a couple of short stories/novellas. I'm a novelist, so all my short stuff are about 40 pages long. The current short (I'm working on it along with my novel while also rewriting the current novel's prequel--gah! can you say exhausting?) is a sequel to the last short I wrote. And there's 3 more shorts in that storyline planned at the moment. What are you confused about?
    19. RedMage
      lol! I've used the handle RedMage on another site than this as well and someone there, once, while reviewing some of my writing, commented that while theyliked the story, they thought I should change my name. They didn't explain why and all I could think was that they thought it was proclaiming myself as some dark magic dabbler or other. I just replied that red is my favorite color (true) and who doesn't want to have control of awesome magic?!
    20. RedMage
      And again, wrong conversation. How is this happening? No, don't answer that, keep talking amongst yourselves. Sorry for the interruption
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    I Beg on Street Corners.
    My Navel is an Innie. I am married to my Soul Mate. My Dogs boss me around.

    Shooting Craps With my Home Fries.