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Apr 11, 2015
    1. Jeff Salyards
      Jeff Salyards
      Hi, Adam,

      I'm the debut author of SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER, a hard-boiled fantasy published by Night Shade Books May 1, 2012. Rob recently reviewed it here on SFF World and when I asked him if you were open for reviews, he suggested I contact you here.

      I'm not sure what your review queue currently looks like (I'm guessing around the block once or twice!), but if you are interested and haven't received an advance copy, please let me know I'll ask Night Shade's publicist to send you one (or I have MOBI and EPUB files available if you would like to look over an e-ARC).

      Also, if you'd like more information (book synopsis, author bio, etc.) please let me know and I can paste it in an email or send a Word doc.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

    2. Loerwyn
      Werthead! Do you post on the Guardian website by any chance? Just saw someone with the same username as you.
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