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Mar 29, 2015
May 15, 2006
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Speaks fluent Bawehrf, from Manifold A

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Mar 29, 2015
    1. N. E. White
      N. E. White
      Google can not recognize it because it is original. Pluuuze.
    2. zachariah
      Gah! Sounds annoyingly familiar but I can't place it. Google coyly refuses to recognise any of it. I appreciate the sentiment, anyway. I am a greedy so-and-so.
    3. N. E. White
      N. E. White
      When is it enough, Zachariah? Must you have it all? We give you the stars to gaze upon, the moon to light your path, and the endless sea as your domain, and, still, you ask for more. Did you ever think about the others? The rest of your brethren that follow your heels like dogs, waiting for a moment to bask in your attention and to lick the stain of blood from your hands. You had more than any of us, Zach. And yet you remain there with your hands on your hips asking for more.
    4. noori noori
      noori noori
      hi Zachariah, greetings
    5. Mickief
      Are you the one responsible for CAPS LOCK and the Ellipsis of Doom ? If so, congratulations. It is an outstanding bit of humor.
    6. moz
      Hi, about the June flash fic, would a talking animal suffice for the category? Or should I take this up in the thread itself? (reason I don't want to is because I don't want to reveal my story just yet)
    7. NickeeCoco
      I'm actually a member of critters myself. I've told my mom about it as well, and she's interested. But again, she's a bit computer illiterate, so I'm really going to have to show her the ropes. Specifically how to change her work into a txt format. God, it's going to be hell. I'm going to have to explain it step by minute step. You should have seen her trying to learn e-mail. :D
    8. Susan Boulton
      Susan Boulton
      Thanks for your kind words about "The Dance".

    9. LDFeng
      Zach -- can you email the editor at ruthlesspeoples and tell him you like butterflies? He says he hasn't been getting much response so he's suspending it!
    10. LDFeng
      Thanks Zachariah -- that's very kind of you to say!
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