13 Day War

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    The sixth volume of the Demonstone Chronicles, 13 Day War, has been released in print and ebook formats.

    Massive Federation armies invade Alcea through magical portals seeking to devastate the entire continent. Outnumbered four to one, the Alceans grimly prepare for the bloody conflict, but victory on the battlefield is not good enough for young King Arik. Knowing that the Great Demon has initiated the war between the two countries solely to provide a million tears to fulfill an ancient prophecy, King Arik demands that the Knights of Alcea spare as many of the enemy soldiers as they can. While defeat on the battlefield means death for the Alceans, a victory that allows the Great Demon to fulfill the ancient prophecy will mean eternal servitude to Alutar.​

    13 Day War is the 16th volume in the epic fantasy Alcea Collection. The collection consists of the Targa Trilogy, the Sword of Heavens series, and the Demonstone Chronicles.