An old SciFi book I read..............

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    And now I can't remember the title or author.

    It starts with a woman prisoner singing which has an entrancing effect on the all male crew from Earth thus allowing her people to rescue her.

    Then there is a 'raid' in which a young spaceman participates. While out he takes a female captive, as is their practice, and ends up with her brother on his ship too when it takes off. Brother using gun to rescue sister doesn't notice take off because off the null grav.

    Earth launches a punitive expedition against the raiders. And our three central characters get to know each other while surviving in the midst of a space war.

    It is simple, uncomplicated and vintage 1950 or 1960ish.

    I believe the females of the human space 'raiders' were called maki/mahki/mawki or something like that.

    Thanks for any help.