Anybody Recall...?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by foxglovekent, Nov 15, 2005.

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    ... I remember reading - a lot of years ago - two stories, both shorts, I'm pretty sure they must have been in a compilation or Year's Best SF type anthology of some sort, but they're old, and I'm hoping someone here will be able to tell me the name of the stories or the authors or something from my vague description here:

    One was about a couple in which the woman eventually succumbs to peer pressure to go and see The Movie - which lasted a month The man feels like a lemming so refuses to go.

    The other was about a brilliant math professor (?) with an autistic son (only back then they didn't call it autism) he cannot communicate with. At the end of the story, he sees that his son has written some equations on a tablet on his desk, and realizes that his son shares his brilliance for math.

    Can anyone help?