Auugghhh! Stupid %@#!?~ laptop!

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    My insides are drawing up like a raisin as I write this. Pu-leez, oh please, don't use a Dell E1545 for writing! The clickety-clackety mouse buttons will be sure to wreak havoc on your efforts, causing you, among other things, to delete huge blocks of text of which you're quite proud. I spent around five or six hours working on this pivotal battle scene, then "X"ed out of it, thinking I would get the option to save. Sadly, no. What I did see was the version of said text that I had edited and expounded upon, with some genius ideas, I might add.
    I searched everywhere in my system, but the edited version was gone.
    Now, I've got to do it all over again.:eek::mad::mad::mad: