Axis of time Bk2 Designated targets questions

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    Quick search showed only 4 year old posts where this book was mentioned. Maybe better searchers can find more but I didn't so here goes...

    I have not READ the first book or the second. I have LISTENED to them. I don't want to debate the merits of reading vs listening. I work a job where I repetitive tasks all day and we are allowed to listen to mp3 players with an earbud. I listen to books; reading is not an option though I do read at home.

    I found all three books on a hardrive I pulled from a lot of old computers I bought for parts. That being the case I can't be sure of the completeness of the books other than by the file numbering (1of#) they were all there and the same with the tagged fields (author, title etc).

    I listened to the first book and it had a definite beginning/middle/end. I sometimes miss minutes of the book because something needs my full attention at work but I usually rewind unless it's just one of those points in a book where the author uses several hundred words where ten would do.

    The problem is that there seems to be too much of a gap between the second and first book. Maybe not time-wise but activity-wise. The Zone? the author writes about it as if was covered somewhere else, not as a recap, or even as an introduction to something that happened that we didn't see. I'm used to that but it's usually followed by a recap, flashback, or explanation. I THINK he's trying to be sly and slip the information in without STATING so, but it makes me feel like I missed an entire novel in between the two. What the heck is the Sunset whatever that established the Zone and I'm not quite sure what the Zone is? Why does that French vessel just show up in the story? It just appears and the author writes about it like we read the back-story already and the ONLY mention of it I recall is that it was one of the vessels unaccounted for. There's more too.

    Was this stuff covered in the first book. Did I get some abridged audio copy of the first book maybe? There's more but those are just a few questions I have.

    I actually thought the audio files were labeled wrong and I was listening to the third book. Has anyone read at least the first to to confirm what I'm asking?

    Apologies if I've not followed any forum etiquette.