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    Okay, I've got a real puzzler for you guys. I read a short story, part of a collection of short stories, back in the 1970's. This particular short story was about a teenage girl who had a "boarder" come to stay at her house. The person who stayed at her house was a woman, tall, Afro-American type, who was actually a time traveler and was somehow related to the "Morlocks?". This woman was an activist who had come to stay at her grandmother's house (the grandmother was the teenage girl). There was a scene where the woman fought with a man who she had been sleeping with (a gardener, plumber, simple man) and she killed him, but not before he stabbed her eye out. She appeared later to the teenage girl (her grandmother) and had a brilliant, shining glass eye. It was "bizarre, attractive, unique."

    I haven't read this story for 35 years, and have been desperately searching for it. Can anybody tell me what its title is and what collection it was in? Thanks so much!!!:eek: