Dark Moon Blues - new urban fantasy

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    Although some people call him a wizard, private investigator ALEISTER HARPER is, in reality, a classic Mississippi Hoodoo Man and conjurer. In this urban fantasy, he walks the mean streets of Houston’s Old Town amidst vampires, ghouls, demons, blues clubs and angry alleyways, not to mention some of the most successful consumer debt collectors one could ever fear to imagine.

    Aleister Harper’s newest client hires him to accompany her to her childhood home to help her dear departed sister who reportedly haunts the family home, an old mansion. Very quickly it becomes obvious that the dangers within the house aren’t limited to the ghost itself and, indeed, run far deeper and darker. The house, in downtown Houston, is connected to the Old Town itself, but what is it that is using that portal to move from one world to the other?

    As the journey unfolds, Aleister finds himself hired for a second case. Not coincidentally, a woman asks him to look into the odd death of a common friend. Echoes of previous discoveries reverberate as Alleister discovers that severe and unexplained psychic trauma never seen before has completely ravaged the victim even to the point of turning the man’s body inside out.
    What follows are telling discoveries, one after another -- a strange and hidden magical spell, false names hiding dark secrets, yawning portals that promise death and even a labyrinth of ancient hallways that move through time and space. Together, these things result in unmasking deadly forces that mysteriously snake their way through a number of deaths and hauntings. In time, the path leads closer and closer to an unknown presence.

    ebook by Brian Robertson, most recently author of LITTLE BLUES BOOK with illustrations by the infamous R. Crumb. Available on Smashwords.com. Through Amazon and Barnes and Noble by end of the month.