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Discussion in ' comments, feedback...' started by 3rdI, May 2, 2011.

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    Welcome to Censorship 101.

    Earlier today I responded to Mark (Hobbit) removing posts regarding recent relevant world events. I do not respect his decision in any way, shape, or form but as administrator it is his right.

    Now he has taken this to another level. Just now myself and another member had a brief discussion about the recent post removal. At no point in that four post discussion did anyone bring up anything about recent world events. We expressed our displeasure at the way administration/staff handled the issue. It is the very worst kind of censorship.

    I was told by Mark that if I discuss the recent topic again that any such post would be deleted. Fine I can live with that. But to then delete threads expressing displeasure with the site? We as members have the right to express our opinions in an off topic thread in a general discussion section. Particularly when those posts were within forum guidelines.

    So to every member I ask is this acceptable? Are we being treated fairly? Is this censorship without just cause?
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    We are what you signed up to be on: a moderated site..

    Following recent issues on the Boards there was a feeling by members that such discussions should not be held on the boards, but by PM.

    This is what we are doing.

    Whilst we are happy to listen to complaints, it was felt that such comments stopped discussion of the main thread, and sidelined it with other issues.

    The PM system is there for any grievances you may have about the staff or the site.

    LATER EDIT: The four posts that you speak of were removed for other reasons which have been emailed to you. Feel free to speak further about that matter through the PM system.