Demonstone Chronicles series is complete

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    Alutar: the Great Demon was released on September 1, 2009. It is the seventh and final volume of the Demonstone Chronicles series.

    With the release of Alutar: the Great Demon, the Demonstone Chronicles comes to a close. The series began in 2006 and is the third series in the Alcea Collection.

    The following will help keep the volumes of the Alcea Collection straight in terms of chronology:

    Alcea Collection
    Targa Trilogy
    Origin Scroll
    Dark Quest
    Ancient Prophecy​
    Sword of Heavens
    Sapphire of the Fairies
    Unicorns' Opal
    Abuud: the One-Eyed God
    Dwarven Ruby
    Emerald of the Elves
    Dragons' Onyx
    Amethyst of the Gods​
    Demonstone Chronicles
    Knights of Alcea
    Final Voyage of the Remora
    Council of War
    Heirs of the Enemy
    13 Day War
    Alutar: the Great Demon