Epic Science Fiction Thriller Series, EXODUS: Leaving home

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    If you're looking for an exciting read you'll want to check out book 1 in a new epic sci-fi thriller series, EXODUS:Leaving Home. Here is an excerpt:

    Instinct took over. Unnoticed by the man and woman, she deftly removed a fork from the table and slid it up her sleeve. Fighting a profound weakness she struggled to her feet.
    Daalyn and the woman turned and saw her trying to remain standing and froze. Miah stood facing them. Knowledge of her strength and power flooded her mind; an easy kill. She summoned the strength and speed required…the familiar rush of adrenaline didn’t come. She opened familiar paths in her mind to release a torrent of signals to her muscles and nerves…not even a trickle. WHERE IS IT?
    The woman eyed her warily. Daalyn dropped the device he held and whispered to the woman. “Get out.” She quickly left through an opening in the wall. Daalyn moved toward the white couch watching Miah. He smiled and gestured to the couch. “Miah, come sit down.”
    Red-hot hatred and frustration filled Miah. She recognized the effects of a drug holding her back from leaping and killing Daalyn. Weakness seeped into her as she trembled, fighting to remain on her feet.
    “Muscle atrophy.” Daalyn said. “You’ve been in hibernation. It will take time to rebuild your strength.”
    The fork slipped into her hand and she grasped it as if it contained the strength she needed. Messy, but effective.

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