Exocrisis Blue - A Military SF Series About Alien Invasion With An Anime Twist

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Peter Lok, a long time SF fan who finally made the jump to write realistic military SF for the Amazon Kindle platform (DRM should be off). While I do a lot of business writing for a living, writing SF again is a very nice change of pace. If you don't mind science fiction action with a main course of robotic mech versus mech combat then I have the meal for you! My writing has received good reviews in both the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk stores.


    I'm now publishing a series of stories set in a near future Earth that has been invaded by aliens nicknamed the Blue Newts. This future universe of Exocrisis Blue is inspired by both military SF and Japanese mecha anime. Realism, a good mix of characters, and educated extrapolation of current technology are core to this series. However, there are Japanese anime tropes that will be mixed into the stories and they should be fun for all audiences. I'll be writing more as I want to see this story world of mine fully envisioned.

    I've just published my second story, a novella titled "Raid on Kahamba" that takes place ten years after the introductory story HARM. In Raid on Kahamba, a team of commandos must enter a research facility to retrieve an artifact and they are backed up by some mechs for some heavier firepower. My editor enjoyed the story for the characters and the action, even though SF action is not their favourite genre.

    My stories can be found here on my blog with links to the Amazon store.

    If you like them and have time, please leave a brief review or rating on Amazon or Goodreads or just comment here!

    Thanks for your time,
    Peter Lok