Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour: Stories from the Road

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    Well, the Fantasy Fiction Tour is off to a, uhm…well, a rather dubious start. I'm waiting in a line at BWI Airport when my cell phone rings. It's author Christopher Hopper. "Wayne, it looks like we're going to have another Tour vehicle."

    "What?" I'm stupefied (not unusual, btw).

    CH explains, "My flight got bumped. I have to drive to Atlanta."

    "WHAT??" I'm stunned. Immediately, I'm thinking, I can't believe the enemy got to us this fast! "You have to drive from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta? What time will you be getting in?"

    "4 a.m."

    So, please pray for safe travel through the night for Christopher and his wife.

    And then there was a little lost luggage incident for me. And if not for divine intervention, I would have been doing my first booksigning tomorrow--wearing shorts!

    Much more tomorrow. We have the Official Fantasy Fiction Tour Kick-off Event at 11am. I'll be donning my cape, shield, new broadsword, and backhanger sword all for the first time.
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    Day 2

    Day Two of the Fantasy Fiction Tour found my agent and I getting up at 7a.m. and then deciding NOT to go to the gym after all. lol We went back to sleep.

    Thanks for your prayers. The Hoppers arrived safely, albeit with very little sleep. We were a little alarmed about Sharon Hinck first. Bryan Davis, Christopher Hopper, and I met at the Tsaba House booth for our Meet and Greet Kickoff, but even as the start time ticked off, there was no Sharon. We'd all read her email about getting a terrible sore throat and thought, uh oh. Turns out, she had so many people in line for The Restorer that she could barely tear herself away.

    So, we all met for the very first time. Funny though. I felt so strongly that I'd known them for years. God's like that. Kindred spirits. And it was upon this meeting that John Cooper, owner of our Tour Sponsor: Real Armor of God, met us and girded us with sword and shield. My sword, The Ranger Sword is shown HERE. I cannot tell you how fun it is to hold this puppy!

    If you'd like to see the other cool swords, shields, armor, etc. at Real Armor of God, click HERE. Seriously, if you think you want some medieval weaponry in your life, you will not find any better than

    From 11-12, Bryan, Sharon, Christopher, and I met dozens and dozens of retailers. We talked Christian Fantasy. We talked about our books. Everyone seemed to really get into it. Things are happening here. Glory to God for what He's doing here, and thank you so much for your prayers. We are seeing the results.

    If you'd like to see a video of highlights from the floor of the International Christian Retail Show, visit:

    At 12:30, my agent, Gregg Wooding, and I ate lunch with my Senior Editor at TN and the Vice President of Children's Publishing. It was a wonderful meeting. During the meeting, I mentioned a new fantasy concept that I've been working on for some time. It's a huge, epic plot that I am LOVING so far. It could be as many as 5-7 books! Well, long story short, the VP said, "Send me a proposal." I just about fell out of my chair. ICRS Answer to prayer #216.

    From 5-6 I did a Thomas Nelson Publishing Event called a Personality Party. This is where the publishers invite the top 100-200 retailers to come and meet noted authors and get new books signed. This was really cool as I got to sign about 200 copies of Isle of Swords about a month before the actual release. These copies are given to retailers free of charge, but the potential is astronomical. The idea is, each one of these retailers reads (and hopefully likes) the book. SO, they then order stacks of books for their stores or even for a whole chain of stores.

    About noonish, we found out that RNS (Religion News Service--think Christian AP) carried a story about Christian Fantasy based on the Fantasy Fiction Tour. Awesome article: Move Over, Harry, Because Christian Fantasy is Back. Check it out if you get a chance.

    God is just blowing the doors off during this first real day of ICRS. But I saved the best surprise for last. We're a half our into our Meet and Greet when my agent gets a call. Turns out it's The Washington Post. They want to do an article on the Fantasy Fiction Tour. At 3pm, I spent an hour with a wonderful reporter/columnist talking about all kinds of things related to my books, Christian fantasy, the Tour. It was amazing. She had really done her homework and seemed to know quite a bit about what we're trying to do. AND, she's going to come out an cover not one but two of our signing speaking events! The Post will be covering our signing in Alexandria, VA, and our event in Washington D.C. Including photos! This is the Washington Post we're talking here. A circulation of what? 20 Million?? Are you kidding me?

    Please keep praying about this. Attention of this type could be HUGE for the this Genre, as well as, for our books. ;-)

    And also, if you can at all make it to one of the events being covered by the Post, that would really be great. The dates, times, and locations are listed below:

    Sunday, July 15th (9:15am)
    National Presbyterian Church
    4104 Nebraska Avenue N.W.
    Washington D.C. 20016

    Sunday, July 15th 3:00 - 5:00pm
    Barnes & Noble
    Potomac Yard Store
    3651 Jefferson Davis Highway
    Alexandria, VA. 22305

    Thank you again for your prayers. More tomorrow:

    Never alone!

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    Sounds like it was really busy, but really fun!

    And that sword is a beaut. :)

    I wish there were more posts.. :D