Fantasy Fiction short novellas?

Discussion in 'Fantasy / Horror' started by FantasyFreak40, Jul 16, 2012.

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    As an avid fantasy reader, I often find that most novellas involve a lot of rambliong, and very little story. However, I recently ran across one which is just the opposite. while spending a few minutes searching through Amazon's Indie kindle ebooks. I found a book marked for sale at the price of $3.99, and the page count was just over 40. this did not seem right, so I checked out the short blurb. Well then, it sounded very different than most fantasy shorts, so I spent the 4 bucks. I could always use it for fodder for my next "that was a bad book" rant. Well, as you can imagine, it was not a long read. However, much to my delight, those few page held an enormous story full of adventure, and the most ecxiting characters I've ever encountered. James brooks has world building down to an exact art! this guy will be big! My hope, is some of you guys check out the novella. My question is, have any of you found short writings, involving large stories? Please mention them on this thread. I want to know if I've missed any other great writers out there simply because of the length of their writings.