Fantasy vs Myth

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    I've been mulling over your article for a little while now. One of the things that struck me was the fact that India has a great SF/F tradition.

    I had no idea.

    I got to wondering about how unrealistic my views are of India as a place and of Indian culture in general. I've never been, I'd love to but as yet the opportunity hasn't arisen. All I know of India I learned from a couple of friends who were born in India and from watching The Jewel in the Crown when I was a kid.

    I see it as a place steeped in mythology. Perhaps it is the mysteriousness of the Hindu religion that makes me see it so but I do. When I picture India I see either grubby street urchins begging in the street, or mist floating across a lake, slightly obscuring the ornate temple on the far bank.

    Now I don't really know why I'm saying all of this, but I guess what I'm finally getting round to saying is...

    Wait for it........

    Is it coincidence that a place famous for its myths and legends has such a long tradition of Fantasy writing.


    Yes there's more...

    Can I get a signed copy of your book? :D
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    re signed copy - sure! will send you one as soon as im less broke.

    as for SFF traditions, Im reasonably sure that every culture has a fairly rich tradition of speculative writing - the only issue is its marketability. for us, our ancient mythical/cultural texts are constantly reinterpreted and resold with every new pop-mysticism fad; our old gods are dying out, known only to people who read our myth texts because of academic interest. as for writing works of fiction reinterpreting ancient texts, thats something only weird people like me do.
    ive had the pleasure of living in the uk for a while, but for most indians, who havent, im sure the picture they have of the uk is as, well, cliched, as ragged urchins or mystic misty temples....which is nobodys fault!
    im sure eventually we'll all get a grip of the culture thing.
    reading fantasy - good, intelligent fantasy - must be a great way to start
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    You should really read the Mahabharata!
    Oh by the way, Hi Samit... Can you believe it I chose the prophecies over LOTR, and it was worth it!