First post; Please name this SciFi book

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by brianst, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    I am trying to locate the title/author of a great book I read a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, my memory is not what it once was and I have not been able to find a name after searching my local library and many Google searches.

    This is what I remember.

    The story takes place in the future where a young man has especially acute hearing and his special abilities are used in his work which is acting as a protector of art/museum collections and other valuables. His associates have enhanced powers in other areas.

    The only other part I remember is that his day job is working as an actor in a living museum where he and friends act as early American pioneers.

    Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give. The mystery is driving me crazy!