forgotten 80s or 90s book, possibly older

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    Hi guys

    When I was a kid I once read a book, but soon after could not retrieve it anymore in the library.


    I seem to remember that on the cover there was the boy, in black armour, with a wooden shield, and a white mantle


    I read it in Dutch, cannot recall whether it was the original language of the book or not.

    It was about a boy who gets into another world, within a castle (and looks in a mirror). Then he escapes and kills a knight in black armour (knight had apish features) and becomes involved in an eternal battle of Good against Evil.

    At the end of the story, the mirror turns out to be magical, cleaving persons in two: a good and a bad one. In order to end the battle the boy makes a heroic last stand, and turned into a needle cushion by a hail of arrows.

    Other randomly remembered themes in the book

    - a wooden town where a people lives that is pacifist and hence only fight with hand and feet, protecting themselves with shields (with a heraldic raven)
    - the wooden town is burned to cinders.
    - some sort of Rainbow King who gets obliterated by the enemy.

    I have spent hours upon hours trying to find it online, but I have failed. Hence, I am turning to you guys.

    My thanks in advance!!