Gems mined here... I enjoyed these books.

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    When I finished the last ASoIaF, and was waiting impatiently for the next one, I heard that Sanderson was going to finish WoT. I began looking for something to read. I found Mistborn because I was trying to learn more about Sanderson. All was well. I loved it the mistborn Trilogy. I then re-read LotR and The Hobbit. Kind of like Elantris, sort of liked the first two Acacia books.... then the trouble started.... in looking for new books to read in the genre I found Eddings and Goodkind. Since we don't need another Goodkind thread here I will just say that I just did not find either to be satisfying at all.
    Apparently I am not so good at finding books I will enjoy in a genre I was so inexperience in reading. I also realized that I could benefit from some opinons about good books to read in the genre. This is how I found this website. Here I was introduced to some books and writers I had never heard of before. The following are books I read because they were recommended here by you good people and I highly recommend them to anyone who has not read them:
    Both Locke Lamora books
    A bunch of Harry Dresden
    Furies of Calderon
    First Law Series
    Best Served Cold
    Shadow of the Torturer (kicked my ass the first time through, much better second time after some helpful discussions here)
    Farseer Trilogy (reading the last one now)
    Name of the Wind (just finished this yesterday and enjoyed every moment of it!)

    What I have learned is that there is not great need to be impatient with GRRM as I wait for DwD. There are a LOT of enjoyable books out there. Thanks for all the excellent recommendations! Assassin's Quest will take me right up to Way of Kings..... then Heroes, Towers of Midnight....
    So I guess what I'm saying is ... GRRM... have another twinkie, sell some more swords and action figures, don't miss those NFL PreSeason games.... take your time and do a good job on DwD! I have plenty of fun books to read until you're ready. In fact Mr.Martin... you could be what I read to fill time as I wait impatiently for the next Abercrombie or Sanderson one of these days!
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    A fat joke...shame on you!:rolleyes:
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    Based on that I would recommend:

    Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker (standalone novel)
    Michael J. Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations (series, 4 out so far i think, starts with Crown Conspiracy)
    Peter V. Brett's The Warded Man & the sequel The Desert Spear
    Neil Gaiman's American Gods and also Neverwhere (both standalone novels)

    I could name others but those are the ones I'm almost certain you'd really enjoy.
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    How about some R. Scott Bakker, "The Darkness That Comes Before" apart of The Prince of Nothing trilogy?