Globe-Spanning Horror

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    Hi, I've been invited to participate in a panel discussion with the title, GLOBE-SPANNING HORROR. What do you think would be important to discuss? What developments in other parts of the world should I be aware of?

    I'm knowledgeable in J-horror as a film genre, as well as Japanese horror manga, and the writings of Koji Suzuki, as well as the older, Kaidan-style films. I'm familiar with horror movies that have come out of China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia as well. I've read over a dozen books on Asian horror movies. But east Asia and southeast Asia comprise one specific portion of the world, and even with Asia, my familiarity mostly runs toward film.

    Do you know of any terrific horror from other parts of the world? I'd love to see more horror fiction from all over the world.
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    Well, you're already more knowledgeable about Asian horror than I am, but there's certainly Western horror to look into. Besides British and American, there's German (Goethe, E.T.A. Hoffman, Johann Tieck, Erckmann-Chatrain), French & Belgian (Prosper Merimee, Prosper Merimee, Theophile Gautier, Claude Seignolle, Eddy Bertin), Eastern European & Russian (Gogol, Bruno Schulz, Stefan Grabinski). These are all much older writers except for Bertin, who is still alive, far as I know, and I believe still writing.

    The northern countries of Europe are also writing a fair amount of dark work -- best known are Steig Larsson and the mysteries of Henning Mankell -- but both the novel and the movie version of Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist received a lot of attention.

    My impression is that there is a lot of work from Eastern Europe not available in English.

    You might also look through Jeff & Ann Vandemeer's The Weird for writers.

    There is a sizabel current crop of Australian writers, led by Margo Lanagan and Terry Dowling, I believe. There was an anthology a few years ago edited by Jack Dann, Ramsey Campbell and Dennis Etchison titled Gathering the Bones, which covered the then current writers from England, America and Australia. You could probably get some names of Australian writers from that.

    There is a big crop currently of Canadian horror -- Gemma Files and David Nickle, come to mind; check the ChiZine website.

    That's all that's coming to mind right now. Good luck.

    Randy M.