Has Anyone Else Had Problems With Amazons Free Promotions?

Discussion in 'Writing' started by pragmatist, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    I used a "free promotion" day for my Ebook novel about a month ago. When I went to bed at midnight on the day selected there was still no sign of my "free promotion".

    Amazon "looked into it" and sent me an email telling me they had given me an extra "free promotion" day as compensation and all I had to do was reply to the email with the details to use this compensation day.

    I did exactly that last week, I replied to the email and said I would like to use this compensation day for my novel on Sunday 8th April. It hasn't happened, so apologies to anyone that had a look at it, I'll get in touch with them and find out what happened to my promotion.

    Has anyone else had these problems?