Help finding a si-fi short story

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Braz, Mar 31, 2005.

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    Much like jmz,

    I am trying to remember the title or author of a si-fi short story I read a long time ago.

    It is about a huge sub-light spaceship traveling to a new planet to relocate it's populace. The people know they're on a ship, but only the officers are allowed on the outer decks. A malcontent teenager gets in trouble for sneaking out to the forbidden decks. He's disciplined and eventually marked for death. In his attempt to escape, he is cornered in an outer door lock. Deciding to commit suicide, he pops the lock, but falls to the ground.

    The ship had landed long ago, or never left, but the officers were unwilling to give up their power and had kept the secret from their charges. The teen explores and finds others who had escaped the ship and begun a new life on the outside.

    Anyone remember this tale or the author? Thanks for looking!