I was told you folks could help me with this book title

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    Hi my name is Robert I am a avid book reader. ages ago I read a book I remember parts of the book but it is not any help with search engines.
    hopefully this will ring a bell with some one here. It is driving me crazy..

    Here is what I remember.( I am not a story teller, Just a reader lol) (this is a fantasy type book)
    it starts out with the main character who is a boy being captured by a nomad type of people. he escapes them. next i remember he goes to some kind of Music school only to find it almost vacant. the Master is deathly ill and his daughter is around only at certain times, come to find out she has made a deal with some god prob. that she will spend days in the world of the dead and her father will be well while she is there.
    next I remember that he sang a song about an old lady he began to look like her while singing the song - it was called _____curse (the name of the male god) this curse allows him to shape shift later in the book.

    his goal is to create a special song to bring the daughter back to the land of the living if he does not she will be lost.

    at the end of the book he sings his song to some kind of special person impressions is (he is hooded) this person has special power to make things happen, his song can save the girl and the school.

    oh in the story he prays to some kind of owl statue
    later to find a relative comes with several others they help answer the prayers that are prayed.... one of them teaches him how to shape shift... and much more....

    Please tell me what this book is.. I want to get it and re- read it.

    thank you in advance.

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    Hi Robert
    This sounds like a variant of the classic Orpheus myth.