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    I'm looking for some books that are "lighter", if that makes sense. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the Game of Thrones series so far - but those types of books take a lot out of me, and I need a break.

    Examples of books that are lighter reads, yet still really good: Anything by Brandon Sanderson (mistborn, way of kings - literally all of his books are good yet light), Dresden Files, Night Angel Trilogy, Name of the Wind, etc.

    Books that REALLY engross you, but they don't leave your head swimming figure out plots, characters, and everything in-between.

    Maybe light isn't the best word, but I don't know any others to explain it.

    Hopefully someone gets what I'm saying. If you do, I'm all up for suggestions.
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    From Lists 'R' Us Central:

    There is at least one list of exactly such work available online.

    Disclosure: that is a link to a page of my site. Mods are allergic to such links, but it really is exactly what was asked for. As it says somewhere there, the bottom line here was that these are books you can turn to when at the end of a dismal day you want to just prop your feet up and put it all behind you.
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    When I think of light reads, I think of mindless fun. Here are some books with nonstop actions that will get you addicted.

    Vlad Taltos - Steven Brust
    The Belgariad - David Eddings
    Eli Monpress - Rachel Aaron
    Dark Elf Trilogy - RA Salvatore
    Iron Druid Chronicles - Kevin Hearne
    Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia

    For something heavier, but still milder than ASoIaF or Malazan, and are still action heavy:
    Codex Alera - Jim Butcher
    Riyria Revelation - Michael Sullivan
    Riftwar - Raymond Feist
    Tamir Triad - Lynn Flewelling
    Demon Cycle - Peter Brett
    First Law - Joe Abercrombrie
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    ive just finished "the book of deacon" its a freebie on Kindle. Obviously a taster to get you to buy the next two books, which im definately going to. Its a light quick easy read with great characters and a good story. and its FREE!! which always appeals. I even think the other two books are less than a couple of quid each. (2 English pounds to anyone not english, lol)
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