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Discussion in 'Fantasy / Horror' started by AkashaWinters, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,
    Looking for a new Fantasy book/series/author to read and enjoy. Would love some recommendations of who YOU think I might enjoy.

    Here's some of authors I have read and enjoyed:
    -Terry Pratchett.
    - Douglas Adams.
    - Tolkein.
    - Philip Pullman.
    - Trudi Canavan, The Black Magician Trilogy.
    - Garth Nix, Sabriel Series.
    - Alison Croggon, Pellinor Series.
    - Christopher Paolini, Eldest Series.

    I've just finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy to see what the fuss was about, it was alright, had a few good moments, but overall not a favourite. Same with the Twilight Series.

    I've also read to my little brother and shamelessly enjoyed:
    - Harry Potter Series
    - Artemis Fowl Series
    - The Dark is Rising Series
    - A number of books by Diana Wynne Jones

    I do also read some SF, however Fantasy is more my thing. I like a strong lead character, a journey or unusual setting, a nice long series if possible and a bit of light romance thrown in (although not strictly necessary).

    Thank you for any help! :)
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    Hi A.W.,

    First, let me welcome you to the SFFWorld forums. Next, you're going to find tons of recommendation threads throught each section. We get a lot of "what can I read next" threads on just about a daily basis. We find that such posts usually get the same response. Actually looking at what's already on the Web site or utilizing our SEARCH function will usually answer most people's requests. Perhaps it is uncommon, but we like people to have a look around rather than just demand (even if it's polite!) immediate gratification for their own personal needs.

    With such a large and complex site it can be difficult to see everything going on, admittedly. But if people think that there's answers out there they will point people in the general direction.

    So, rather than people coming here and repeating the recommendations they've provided in other threads, I'll direct you to some of those threads:

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    Hopefully putting this in the right place (looking for a new series to read)

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    ETA: Closed the thread to keep the recommendation-thread population down.
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