Lord Demon

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    I'm currently reading Lord Demon by Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold and i wanted to recommend it.
    It tells the story of Kai Wren, a demon known as Lord Demon, a well known warrior among demonkind and the maker of magical bottles, pots and bowls, also the only demon who managed to single handedly kill a god in the Demon War that happened 1000 years before the story begins.
    After the war Kai Wren retired to live inside one of his magical bottles that hold complete worlds inside of them with an irish man that served as his servant, one day the servant get murdered and Kai Wren goes out of his bottle to find the killers, soon the investigation leads him to discovering a vicious plot that involves demons, gods and human magicians, and he has to rediscover his long forgotten fighting skills in order to survive.
    The book is based on chinese mythology and has the feeling of the old books of Roger Zelazny and as the last book to ever be published by Roger Zelazny (he died 6 years ago) it even has an inside salute to the Amber Chronicles.
    A treat to Zelazny fans and to every other fantasy fan.
    Highly reommended.