Magical word called LOVE

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    I am a bit of a frustrated writer so I write anything on my journal just for my own reading. Anything that I experienced, feel and think about I put it into writing. Once I got a love lost I poured it out on a paper and a pen, indulging every bit of what i can think of writing. and closed that page . I got a relief of doing it every time I felt bad. Many months after that heartbreaking event, I leisurely turn the pages and start reading. There and then I saw how the word love make a very magical expressions of thoughts, Be it frustrations on love, inspiration, cutie tingling feeling on crushes and of marriage, anything under the sun that talks about love make some writing worth reading. So next time you feel you are in love or frustrated on love, begin writing spontaneously and open it later only to find out, the constant flow of spontaneous feelings you will see.
    Hope to hear from you writing about love and dating on this site.