Malazan Cage Match? Groups?

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    So instead of the standard 1v1 cage match. Since we all know the end would probably be Rake vs Icarium. Let's mix it up, since I am eager to do one and see how it turns out. I have grouped up various players and will insert them into a bracket and we can see who comes out on top. Feel free to provide any tweaks or thoughts about the groups! This is a first draft.

    • Icarium and Mappo
    • Anomander Rake and Silanah
    • K’Rul and Krupe
    • Kilmandaros and Knuckles
    • Crippled God and Kalor
    • Dassem Ultor and Seguleh Jan
    • Ryadd Eleis and Menandore
    • Whiskey Jack and Korlat
    • Karsa and Dryjhna
    • Skinner and Cowl
    • Osseric and L’oric
    • Surly and Topper
    • Shadowthrone and Cotillion
    • Quickben and Tayscheren
    • Aspalar and Cutter
    • Raest and Edgewalker
    • Shi’Gal Gu’Rull, Gesler, and Stormy
    • Trake and Gruntle
    • Fener and Heboric Ghost Hands
    • Eres’Al and Bottle
    • Hedge, Fiddler, and Kallam
    • Sinn and Grub
    • Nil, Nether and Coltaine
    • Onas Toolan and Toc the Younger(Or Kilava)
    • Onrack the Broken and Kilava Toolan(Or Trull)
    • Leoman of the Flails and Queen of Dreams
    • Hood and Gothos
    • Burn and Brood
    • Blues, IronBars, and Kyle
    • Urko Crust, Cartheron Crust, and Greymane
    • Nightchill and Belurdan
    • Trull Sengar and Rhulad Sengar
    • Lady Spite and Lady Envy
    • Seguleh Rell and Ryllandaras
    • The Errant and Ganoes Paran
    • Caldan Brood and Burn
    • Mael and Brys Beddict
    • Draconus and Sheltatha Lore
    • Silchas Ruin and Andarist
    • Dejim Nebrah and Dessimbelackis
    • A’Karonys and Hairlock
    • Vorcan and Rallick Nom
    • Febryl and Bidithal
    • Mother Dark and Yedan Derryg(The Watch)
    • Oponn and The Lady
    • Silverfox and Olar Ethil
    • Scabandari Bloodeye and Fear Sengar
    • Gryllen and Forkrul Assail
    • Redmask, Temper, and Clip
    • Iskral Pust and Hounds of Shadow
    • Broach, Bauchelain, and Beak
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    Doesn't appear many care about this, but I will post anyways. I am almost done with the list here. If you have any thoughts, changes, additions, etc let me know.

    1. Icarium and Mappo
    2. Anomander Rake and Silanah
    3. K’Rul and Krupe
    4. Kilmandaros and Knuckles
    5. Ryadd Eleis and Menandore
    6. Skinner and Cowl
    7. Osseric and L’oric
    8. Shadowthrone and Cotillion
    9. Quickben and Tayscheren
    10. Raest and Edgewalker
    11. Shi’Gal Gu’Rull, Gesler, and Stormy
    12. Trake and Gruntle
    13. Fener and Heboric Ghost Hands
    14. Sinn and Grub
    15. Hood and Gothos
    16. Queen of Dreams(T’riss) and Queen of Disease(D’rek)
    17. Nightchill and Belurdan
    18. Lady Spite and Lady Envy
    19. The Errant and Oponn
    20. Draconus and Sheltatha Lore
    21. Silchas Ruin and Andarist
    22. Dejim Nebrah and Dessimbelackis
    23. Silverfox and Olar Ethil
    24. Kalor and The Crippled God
    25. Onas and Kilava Toolan
    26. Burn and Brood
    27. Reverence, Calm, Diligence(Forkrul Assail)
    28. Dassem Ultor and Seguleh Jan
    29. Orfantal and Korlat
    30. Bridge Burners(Whiskey Jack, Hedge, Fiddler, Kallam, Picker, Blend, Antsy, Bluepearl, Mallet and Spindle)
    31. Fish Tel Kath and Tulas Shorn
    32. Surly and Topper
    33. Aspalar, Cutter, and Greyfrog
    34. Possum, Pearl and Lostara Yil
    35. Gryllen and Messremb
    36. Ruthan Gudd and Greymane
    37. Tavore and Ganoes Paran
    38. Eres’Al and Bottle
    39. Nil, Nether and Coltaine
    40. Blues, IronBars, and Kyle
    41. Seguleh Rell and Ryllandaras
    42. Mael and Brys Beddict
    43. Mother Dark and Yedan Derryg(The Watch)
    44. Scabandari Bloodeye, Hannan Mosag, and Fear Sengar
    45. Iskral Pust and The Hounds of Shadow
    46. Broach, Bauchelain, and Beak
    47. Toc the Younger, Toc the Elder, and Dujeck One Arm
    48. Onrack the Broken, Trull, and Rhulad Sengar
    49. Karsa, Leoman of the Flails, and Kiska
    50. Sha'ik, Sha'ik Reborn, and Baudin
    51. Mott Irregulars - Bole Brothers(Amby, Jula, Job and Jamber)
    52. Studlock, Lazan Door, Madrun
    53. Mok(Seguleh #3), Senu, and Thurule
    54. Nimander, Phaed, Skintick, Nenanda, Aranatha, Kedeviss and Desra
    55. Spinnock Durav, Sear Domin, and Itkovian
    56. Bonehunters(Tarr, Koryk, Smiles, Cuttle, Corabb, Shortnose, Hellian, Balm, Deadsmell, Throatslitter, Masan Gilani, Newp Furrow)
    57. A’Karonys and Hairlock
    58. Vorcan, Baruk, and Rallick Nom
    59. Mallick Rell, Febryl and Bidithal
    60. Urko Crust, Cartheron Crust, and Admiral Nok
    61. Redmask, Temper, and Clip
    62. Mortal Swords(Brukhalian, Krughava, Fanald, Tulgord Vise)
    63. The Hounds of Light and The Dogs(Bent, Roach, Baaljagg, Garanth)
    64. Grizzn Farl and Nefarious Bredd
    65. Ublala Pung, Barathol Mekhar, Chaur
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    I Just can't see any team beating Kruppe and K'Rul, i mean i just can't. Not even Mother Dark. it would have been real fun if you had paired Kruppe off with Iskaral Pust, remember that mule fight? real fun... nice list overall.. shame no one's giving much attention tho
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    I don't see them being the strongest pair. I just finished the final book so I may start this up soon. But it is indeed a shame. On this forum and the malazan forum. Barely any responses. I'd like to just help Suvudu run it.
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    You know, I have been on the fence about finishing the rest of Malazan (have only read the first one), but threads like this just completely discourage me. Just look at all the characters that I will have to keep track of!
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    Not gonna lie, the series is daunting. It's thick, it's confusing, it's long. But it's good.