On an editor's passing.

Discussion in 'Writing' started by kmtolan, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Today I learned that my editor for Blade Dancer peacefully passed on while in his lounge chair. His name was James Woods, and with his help I learned things like how to separate characters by their speech mannerisms when it came to differentiating cultured individuals from less educated ones. Not bad when the subjects in question were aliens. We didn't get along that well - he had the bedside manner of a...well, of him. Jim did his job, though, and I did mine under his tutelage. Heh, I won't forget when some of his suggestions accidentally ended up in the spam folder. Talk about hitting the fan. Just the same, the novel ended up on the EPIC E-book Award finalist list, and some of that credit belonged to Mr. Woods.

    My wife laughs and tells me I will be immortal through my work, but today I realize that any longevity isn't extended to the author alone. Someone else put their hand into the pot, though you won't see their name in the book. It leaves me with a funny feeling to know that my first novel will also be this man's legacy before it becomes mine.

    Something to think about when it comes time to putting that web page up about your book and who to acknowledge.

    Kerry (hat off)
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    Not to start a fight or anything, but that is one thing that I like about self-publishing.

    I self-published a short-story and put my editor's name front and center. She might not have liked that, but the fact is that if the story is at all readable it is because of her.

    That is very nice of you to acknowledge Mr. Woods' contributions to your novel. I'm sure he would have appreciated it.
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    Sorry to hear that, k. Glad you got to work with someone good and hopefully your new editor will be also. Editors are used to being unsung aides, but I'm sure that he appreciated your respect towards him.