Over the Mountains With Asbestos Boots?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by AlienLogic, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Yet another 'what book is this" thread. :)

    Read this book (maybe a trilogy?) probably 30 years ago.

    It is a children's book set in the future where technology and science are banned. Next to the village is a mountain range that is very hot (maybe due to volcanoes) and no one has ever crossed them. One day a party of strangers on horses come from the other side of the mountains using asbestos boots. The people of the village decide to cross over as well but not having asbestos they use water bags with the water slowly dripping onto their shoes to keep cool.

    Thats all I can remember.

    I had actually mixed this recollection in with the Tripod trilogy books (The White Mountains etc by John Christopher) but on looking at descriptions of The White Mountains it is a different book.

    Any suggestions? Thanks