Prey Has Been Unleashed!

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    My new novella, Prey (with bonus story Anathema), releases today from Genius Book Publishing, the home of The Hungry, the Sheriff Penny Miller series.

    "...while the two novellas [Prey/Anathema] are incredibly intense, they are superbly written and have strong storylines that transcend the shock. Anathema...has the essence of the old Twilight Zone series, updated and more shocking. a dark police investigation story a la Seven or Silence of the Lambs, but freakin' horrifying in its stark portrayal of murder." ~ M Wayne Miller


    Prey: A young, homeless man arrested for a gruesome crime; a respected politician bound for higher office; detective Shane Calvin finds himself caught in the middle as two seemingly disparate lives collide, the weight of their secrets threatening to destroy them all.

    Anathema: Chemist Jerrod Dawkins has lost everything: his job, his reputation, and his family. After a failed suicide attempt, he learns an envious co-worker masterminded his downfall, and vows revenge. Jerrod manufactures a virus and turns it loose on his former friend, unleashing far more than he intended.

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