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    Hello Everybody. I just want to say that any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    I do remember quite a few things about the contents of one of the books, but would like to read the whole series once more. Anyway, here comes a short (or long-ish?) re-telling of what the basic events in the book were.

    The book starts with that he is very young and lives on earth and his father is a space pilot, shuttling people from the earth to the moon (or something similar).

    It's his 6th birthday and as a birthday present from his father he gets a trip with 6 lapses around the earth and gets fascinated by the views that he sees. That's when he kind of decides that he wants to become a space pilot.

    So he starts studying at the space academy. When he is old enough then he buys a cargo ship and transports radioactive fuel because that pays the best. Even though his ship is not. It is not the latest model and the shield that is supposed to protect him from the radioactivity is not working properly, which makes it even more hazardous.

    One day when he is flying past Jupiter he hears a voice (from a black hole, he later finds out) that says that he is chosen and he has a talk with that voice, but goes to Pluto to get some more cargo. When he lands he has an encounter with some interesting people. I'm not sure how it all happens but one guy gets murdered by getting his space suit punctured by the other person's lightsaber that they used to cut out the material with. This was extra surprising because the murderer and the murdered had a kind of mental link thing so that they wouldn't have to talk verbally, they could communicate almost as fast as thought itself, but with a mechanical thing, not naturally.
    Anyway, when he notices that, he shuts the murderer into a shed at Pluto (or some outer planet, I think it was Pluto) and then flies alone to Jupiter to deliver the cargo.

    There he meets a really beautiful girl and he asks her to come with him to create a new world or something because of what the voice had said. She says she can't because of some bracelet link thing she has around her arm that would make it possible for anyone to track her and it was impossible to remove, but he uses his lightsaber and cuts it off. They don't use “the force”, it's just a very powerful cutting tool, in case you were wondering. Anyway, they hear the voice again and they get boosted away to another galaxy, I think it was Andromeda ^^ There they fly past several planets in search for a new earth with white poles and blue oceans..

    They encounter different "alternative worlds" where humans have kind of stopped in evolution at different ages or something. Until they come to a world that is inhabited by stone age people or something... Then they settle there and he closes down his ship, although that is a very stupid idea, because the old cargo ship model that he had was not very good, because it made a lot of problems if it was completely shut down and could not be properly started again if it didn't get some help or something :p Anyway, on the way they had picked up another guy from a planet where humans kind of lived in a 16th-17th century world or something and when they settle on their new planet they don't know that there are stone age people, they think they are alone... Anyway the guy they've picked up tries to start the ship to fly away, he comes a bit up into the air and it explodes spreading radioactive waste everywhere.. It was also the only source of energy that they had had, and they had used the lightsaber that the guy had, to make fire, cut wood and lots of things like that...

    Anyway, then they met the stone age people. And then they started teaching the stone age people a lot of things and he used the last of his lightsaber's power to write something into a stone, that said something like that their legacy should be to build a civilization that completely builds on natural energy that doesn't harm the planet, live in peace with nature or something, but at the same time builds a really advanced technology.
    Around here the first (I think it's the first) book in the series ends.

    And when the second (again, this is what I think, I'm not sure) book starts, it's like 1000 years later on that world and they have found the old crashed ship and so on :p Anyway they start making plans to go back to earth just to see what has happened to humanity there and so on...

    There might be a few things that are wrong in my description but this is the basic outline of one of the books... If any of you have any ideas at all, please let me know somehow!

    Have a wonderful day!
    / Prolix