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    Many years ago in my teens I read this awesome book, a collection of sci-fi/ horror stories.
    It wasnt very large, and it was from the same author I think.

    I have really vague memories of 3 particular stories in it (from at least 6/7, probably more), and an even more vague recollection of a story about a cube (maybe?) which might have also been the title of the book (but im not very sure of this at all, its possible that the letter C or G was starting the title or the author's first or last name):

    Story A: 3rd person pov: Character is a male, writer. There's a sort of dust/hair(?) cluster small thingie or something which would look very inconspicuous normally, but it keeps moving when he doesnt look, and he starts noticing and thinking he is crazy, in the end the stuff kills him. It had a very strong Edgar Alan Poe feeling to it this story.

    Story B: 3rd person pov: Busy city on random planet, filled with weird stuff and lowlife and thieves etc etc. Two guys spot one day a pretty girl, who seems to be malnourished, poor, hiding in a garden/park. They also notice each other. They were rivals either from before or now for the girl. The girl is wearing a weird fur cover. One of the guys manages to find the girl, get her alone, tries to rape her, the fur cover on the girl eats him alive. Second guy doesnt notice this, he gets to the girl also, is filled with sense of success over beating the other guy and in getting the elusive girl, but quite soon he is eaten also, the fur thingie is protecting the girl.

    Story C: 1st person pov: Alien planet, alien race (main character not one of them just visiting) strange festival, everyone wearing masks, at midnight something with the masks is supposed to happen, something important about taking them off. Main character gets his mask taken off only to discover his face was the same as the mask or another mask? Something very disturbing for him, normal to the ones around him. No action/fight/drama scenes, no dialogue at all, was more of an atmosphere/psychological story.

    My memory is awful, I know! This isnt much to go on I guess. :(

    Not 100% sure that story C was part of that same book, but pretty sure.
    This was more than 10 years ago, and it being in a crappy library (and translated) means at least 14 years ago original publication most likely.

    Sorry for reposting this from the "Help! Fantasy/Horror.." thread, had no answer since September and ive been thinking I should have posted this here in the first place maybe, as 2 of those stories i remember have clear sci-fi setting, and thats how i remember the most part of the book, besides the dark/horror elements (though the first story i mentioned had no sci-fi element).