Spoilers, ? Ending of Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot

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    Hello, I just completed this book. I am perplexed by what I just read... It was somewhat confusing and all over the place. I enjoyed the characters and the humor. When I reached the last page, I was completely clueless. Could someone who has read this novel, please explain the ending or your interpretation of the conclusion? In the last line the interviewer asks Luke "Yes, Are you ready to see what the real world looks like now ?" Luke explains he decided not to escape with Nick. He told Nick he needed to stay where he was, to take care of the people, yet the interviewer speaks to him as though he was separated from the people or coming back from some hiatus ? Where was Nick while the events of Skinner, Abby, and Woo-jin occurred ? Were they all a real part of the stories timeline ? Or was the world semi-normal still and everything in Luke Piper's head, some sort of psychedelic trip ?

    Any info would be appreciated ! Thank you