Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

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    Recently, I rented Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital from my local video store. I enjoyed it, but I had a few complaints/questions about the miniseries:

    - Just who was the Emperor of Ice Cream? What was his story. They never revealed this in the miniseries, at least to my knowledge.

    What was the whole point of the street preacher becoming an avatar of Jesus Christ? He had no major part to play in driving out the dark forces from the hospital after he was resurrected and converted the cop in that little Saul/Paul allegorical side story.

    I thought the ending was rather rushed and week. The artist going back in time to the 1860s to draw a frickin' fire extinguisher on the wall to save the mill from the fire, and the little girl from being killed later?! Come on!

    Was there meant to be another season? Because at the end the insane doctor and the Emperor of Ice Cream were still there, goading on Doctor Stegman.

    I always wondered if Abel and Christa were some otherworldly/interdimensional beings in the humble forms of humans with Downs Syndrome, because they always seemed very alien in their benevolent wisdom and knowledge.