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    I'll start by saying that I support the move that abolished the popular author forums.

    My suggestion is this. I think it would be handy to create a thread each for some of the bigger authors in which news about the next upcoming book could be posted. Mainly refering to GRRM and RJ/Sanderson. Each of the those series have a defacto news thread already but the problem is they are in threads that were started to discuss something else and are fairly big.

    So basically the threads would be titled " The Wheel of Time News Thread" and " The a Song of Ice and Fire News Thread". You could start each thread with the bibliographies that already exist(need a bit of updating).

    Jordan Bibliography

    Martin Bibliography

    Followed by a Warning that the thread may contain spoilers even though the thread is for posting news and discussion of said news and not the content of the books.

    ofcourse the threads will dissappear from the front page as we already have enough stickies but the older members who post news regulary will know to post in them and any new threads that are created by members who don't know about them can be easily merged by you mods.

    I'm suggesting this and not just starting said threads myself as if a Mod starts them it will carry more wait and stuff.:)

    Anyways that's all I got.
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    Thanks Chris.

    It is still one of those debates that seems to divide people, the issue of those Author Forums. And we do still discuss it regularly, as staff. The problem we seem to have is that there doesn't seem to be an overall winning position at the moment. For everyone who doesn't like it, we get someone else who does, and vice versa. (And that works amongst the staff as well!)

    We do keep looking for ways to make as many as possible happy. This sounds like a fair compromise.

    If others would like to let us know what they think about it as well, then please do.

    Then we'll go and
    debate some more!