Teatro Grotesco by Thomas Ligotti

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    Thomas Ligotti has come up as a subject in threads here once or twice, so I thought I'd send notice that Virgin Books has issued a new collection of his short stories: Teatro Grotesco. I don't think there are any new stories included, but most of the work seems to be from after his last massive, comprehensive collection, The Nightmare Factory. -- Scratch that: This new one includes some stories from TNF; all of there were new to that collection or had never been collected before.

    Ligotti tends to be a love/hate author: You fall into his work and are completely absorbed by it, or it repulses you. Which is not to say he writes gore'n'guts fiction; he does not. His work often has a philosophical bent and he writes in a somewhat florid style -- think toned-down, rather more controled H.P. Lovecraft.

    I'm not an expert on Ligotti, but this looks like a good sample of his more recent work.

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    I read it last month and loved it greatly for Ligotti's prose and how he establishes mood. He truly is one of the better authors of "dark" literature that I've read in some time.