The Argument

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    Scott, I read Neuropath and have loved it ever since I picked it up in January of this year. I don't believe I've ever spent so long trying to draw out so much from a novel than I have that one, so I thank you for this. But I am curious though, and maybe you've already explained this and I've been too lazy to probe for it, but in the book it is argued that being creatures of vanity, we have created a meaning to things (I apologize if I've worded this wrong), how can we, biomechanical organisms that are run by chemical reaction after chemical reaction after chemical reaction, operate on a level that creates this need to attach a meaning? How can we be vain if we are simply a domino effect of chemical reactions?

    This was a question posed to me after I attempted to use the Argument in a discussion and being that I am still rather young and naive to the ways of the world I was unable to draw up my own answer to this question.